Our Cause

  Our company’s purpose it to minimize the risk of date rape. We are the only company that make and manufacture Noroofie caps  inked. Our product decreases the number of spills, protects bottled beverages from insects, promotes a healthy social drinking environment as well as Affordable and profitable. We believe that we we can help attract more consumers to the brands such as Anheuser-Busch brand. With the new “Dilly Dilly” motto for example and provide Bud Light with our noroofie caps that come 6 in a pack for the bottled beverages.

   As part of our company initiative, we are a large proponent against violence stemming from predatory drugs so we firmly believe by leading with a positive example that the occurrence of date rape will fall. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, “Drug Rape”, is one of the fastest growing drug-facilitated, sexual assault crimes in the U.S. today. “In most cases, this is how it happens: Illicit drugs are unobtrusively slipped into beverages of unsuspecting victims at dance parties, bars or nightclubs.” – U.S. Department of Justice

In recent years, drug-facilitated sexual assault has become a growing concern among health, community educators, and law enforcement. Keep in mind, alcohol is most commonly associated with sexual assault, but incidents involving other drugs have escalated. It is In light of the fact that a number of drugs have become known as ‘Drug Rape’ drugs or ‘predatory drugs’ because they are used to incapacitate victims for the purposes of committing the crime often of sexual assault.
These drugs, also called “club drugs” because of their popularity in dance clubs and bars, can be unknowingly given to a victim, incapacitate the victim, and prevent him/her from resisting during a sexual assault or other crime. They can also produce amnesia causing a victim to be unclear of what, if any, crime was committed. At the end of the day we would like to influence the decline in date rape incidents.